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1985+ (3 new items)

Life in Communist Czechoslovakia choked me, oppressed me. I wanted out. At any cost, out. In 1985 I finally got permission to emigrate. I won over the system. I was free. I was in West Berlin. And - I felt lost.

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night shift (4 new items)

At age 19 I haphazardly left the safe world of school for the night shift at the factory. I found myself drawn in, liking it, fraternizing with my coworkers and realizing the bleak, dirty, polluted and dishonest face of real socialism.

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different languages (2 new items)

"The people in the photographs, thanks to the unforgiving lighting, suddenly emerge from the darkness as if surprised at their activities. They have no clear sense and they occur in areas that are not clearly defined. As if they are nocturnal animals, distracted in their lairs, they react confused – sometimes they strike a spasmodic pose, sometimes they face away or escape from the image." ( Lucia L. Fišerová )

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2015+ (5 new items)

Demiurgs (the work in progress). It's not just the life you have, it's what you make of it. Like the Demiurges, gods who were creative forces, fashioning the material world out of chaos, the demiurges of my collection are the designers of their own spheres. They are people who have little money and poor health and whose worlds seem to be falling to pieces. They live somewhat oddly: smoking in bed surrounded by piles of books, collecting stones, creating psychedelic nooks in their dwellings, and rarely fitting in according to common norms. They seem to have gotten lost somewhere, but they actually travel through life according to their own precise and unmistakable maps. Their worlds may at first appear to be chaotic, but you will see there is a strict inner order.

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2005+ (33 new items)

Mobilelife I - My first mobile phone photography diary (2005-2007) was done on a PDA mobile device. Vienna, Roma, Madrid, Prague, Bratislava, Halmstadt, Paris, Florence, Pribram...


1995+ (1 new item)

Moving through my rooms. The peace, harmony and quiet hours in my atelier ...

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